BBC Radio 4 – Woman – s Hour, Woman – s Lab: Body Image

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Woman’s Lab: Body Image

Woman’s Hour tackles issues and tests solutions in Woman’s Lab. This edition looks at body image, exploring how women can become less judgemental about their bodies.

Woman’s Lab: where Woman’s Hour tackles issues and test solutions. Today, its body image. Presenters Gemma Cairney, Gia Milinovich and Michelle Dewberry take up the challenge over three days on the beaches of sunny Margate. They explore some practical ways to help us be less judgemental about what we see in the mirror. They meet real women, businesses, diet and fitness industry professionals and body experts. Can they finally crack how we can be happier with our bodies? Gemma Cairney goes on a bohemian adventure, inspired by taking her clothes off in a life drawing class. She tries to convince the women of Margate to do the same. Gia Milinovich’s scientific research takes her on a journey through muscle gyms, bum toning machines and mindfulness. Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry struggles with a challenge that’s not about making money, but spurred on by her own emotional relationship with her body, she creates a piece of installation art. Will the women of Margate think they’re onto something?

Producer and presenter: Deborah Coughlin
Producers: Nicky Birch, Alannah Chance, Eva Krysiak, Jo Meek.

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