Epi Strong Review (UPDATE: 2019), 6 Things You Need to Know

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Epi Strong Review – 6 Things You Need to Know

Give me just two minutes and I’ll tell you whether Epi Strong works. We took our time creating this comprehensive review. First, we closely examined the ingredients, side effects, scientific studies, and customer-service quality. Then we analyzed numerous user comments from all over the internet. Finally, we summarized all the information we collected to give you the facts.

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What is Epi Strong?

To begin with, Epi Strong is a prohormone. The ingredient is 17a-methylated epitiostanol. It is a derivative of an anabolic steroid that has been chemically changed enough to be differentiated. The manufacturer claims it promotes strength and lean size with no side effects.

Epi Strong is made by Muscle Research. They produce several supplements and focus on bringing new and innovative products to their customers, but read on…

Epi Strong Side Effects

Our first issue is the possibility of long-term side effects. According to our Research Editor “Supplements such as these that use prohormones which are similar to steroids come with risks; often ones the customer never thinks about.”

One frustrated reviewer claimed, “I went through a cycle of this and had a checkup where my lipids were through the roof. My doctor asked what changed and I told him. He said go off and don’t use it again.”

It is important to note that not everyone was concerned with the potential side effects.

This shopper commented, “I get ripped when I use this and it’s amazing.”

Which was like a man who reported, “This is one of the best products ever.”

However, it is important to note the potential harm of cycling. According to expert Dr. Anthony Dugarte, “Beware of anything that requires the need to “cycle” This illustrates that the effect of the supplement is harmful if misused.”

Additionally, the potential changes in hormone levels, so make sure to consult with your physician before consuming these kinds of supplements.

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Epi Strong Legal Issues

This law made products such as this equivalent to those considered designer anabolic steroids and placed them under the category of controlled substances.

A frustrated man ranted, “This worked really well and now I can’t buy it anymore from the manufacturer.”

While another speculated, “The government must have some reason for taking away every product that works.”

Others didn’t mind the new restrictions.

One optimistic individual declared, “It may not be available straight from the company anymore but I still know where to buy it and I will until it’s all gone.”

This pleased person added, “I stocked up before they stopped selling it so I’m set for a while.”

According to our research, it can take something small, like jitters or a headache, to stop any likelihood of lasting results. If side effects are an issue with Epi Strong, the customer should know that.

The Science of Epi Strong

At DietSpotlight we take safety concerns seriously. While Epi Strong does have a lot of testimonials indicating it worked as advertised, the science doesn’t support the claims of safety, or anything much at all, for that matter. Figuring as many prohormones are no longer legal, there is a reason to look more closely.

What Users Are Saying

“I really had no negative sides to speak of the whole time. No blood pressure issues, no hair loss, and strong libido all through cycle.”

“If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. And when it comes to hormonal products, or any product for that matter, but especially hormonal products, I’m certainly not going to take any chances.”

The Bottom Line on Epi Strong

Is it time to clear the shelves of any remaining Epi Strong? It is technically illegal to continue purchasing this product which is why we are unable to give it our support.

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