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Freshwater Fish

Green Terror Cichl >Published By: Robert Woods In Freshwater Fish

The Green Terror Cichlid is a colorful freshwater fish which can bring interesting behaviors to your tank. It is a valuable and rewarding fish to add to your aquarium as they are relatively easy to keep as long as you provide good water quality. Despite this large fish being easy [Continue reading …]

18 Most Beautiful Gourami Fish and How to Care for Them

Gouramis are a group of freshwater fish from the families Osphronemidae, Helostomatidae and Anabantidae. There are many different types of gouramis, coming in different sizes and colors. But most of them have a similarly shaped body, and have the labyrinth organ (which allows them to take oxygen from the air). [Continue reading …]

Ir >Published By: Robert Woods In Freshwater Fish

The word ‘shark’ on its own is enough to send chills down peoples’ spine. The fear for this large predatory fish is somewhat lost on the iridescent shark, just like the red tail sharks. Iridescent sharks, also known as the siamese shark or sutchi catfish, are a species of catfish [Continue reading …]

Paradise Gourami Fish: Care, Diet, Tank Mates…

Most people pick fish for their aquarium based on appearance. Paradise fish initially appeal to people because of their red and blue stripes, but upon further research people are put off by their aggressive behaviors. So should you avoid this fish because of it’s aggression or does their appearance make [Continue reading …]

Shubunkin Goldfish: Varieties, Care Gu >Published By: Robert Woods In Freshwater Fish

Goldfish are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium, especially for beginners. The Shubunkin Goldfish looks like the Comet Goldfish but brings an element of extra color and flair to the tank with its longer more flowing fins and blue coloring. Their pretty appearance means it can be [Continue reading …]

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